Tips on How to Make an Attractive Team Website

Before we discuss the process of creating a team website, I highly recommend that you visit my article on How to Start a Sports Team if you do not have a team yet. My assumption before we proceed is that you already have an established team and that you need an avenue to help make your team become number one.

Purpose and Involvement

I have outlined below some reasons why a team needs a website.

  • Will be used as a communication channel
  • Media for team promotion and advertisement
  • Social networking for fans and parents
  • All teams have one

Surprisingly, among the top reasons that teams want to have a website is because all other teams have it and they do not want to be left out. But whatever the reason is, having a site gives a rewarding experience, albeit it also requires a lot of time to maintain. Your only two choices to move forward are to build the site yourself or get the service of a team website solution developer.

Doing it yourself makes it easy for you to c v and make it unique. However, this is very time consuming and you may not have the right tools, resources, and expertise to develop it. Using Team Website Solution, the site can be set up in minutes at low cost without the need for technical know-how. However, the site may look similar to others and will contain advertisements.

Site Components

Before moving on, consider the following as basic necessities for launching a site.

  • Site design, splash, and main page
  • News Page
  • Roster and photo album
  • Schedule, locations and calendar
  • Event Information
  • Standings and Statistics
  • Photo Album
  • Links and Sponsors

Site Design, Splash, and Main Page

Your site design should embody your team spirit. The colors you choose must complement your team, along with appropriate logos and banners. You may use online team banner generators to do this. On your main page, it is imperative that you have a simple yet powerful description of your team. This is also the page where you display your team’s picture and most recent news event. A splash page, which is optional, is nothing more than a “flashy” introduction page which is the first thing that your visitors see. Typically, this has a Macromedia Flash plug-in. Make sure you use software compatible to most browsers.

Other Contents

To make your team website interesting, you need to provide information on all aspects of your team. There has to be a page dedicated to you roster which shows their bios, stats, pictures, and other relevant information.

A dedicated page for schedules and upcoming events is also necessary, this is where your visitors will check previous game results, upcoming games and against who, wins and losses of the team, and game cancellations if any.