What Is Bubble Football?

There’s a terrific new sport that’s growing by leaps and bounds around the globe, rolling and bouncing its way into the hearts of people worldwide. It’s none other than bubble football, a radically different take on what is arguably the world’s favorite sport. Read on to learn more about this crazy activity, and why you and your friends ought to give it a try.

Football with a Bouncy Twist

Simply put, the sport is a cross between the sport that Pele called “the beautiful game” and zorbing, an activity where people are rolled downhill inside giant inflatable balls. In bubble football, players are decked out in balls similar to those used for zorbing with one vital difference: their feet are free so that they can run around an indoor or outdoor field.

The objective of the game is simple: two teams of 7 people in full bubble gear need to maneuver past the defense to kick a football into their opponents’ goal. Of course, the rest of the rules are much less complicated than those for actual football. You’ll be too busy laughing at people who have rolled upside down to care about players who are offside!

Sports Without the Risk

Because the bubble protects players from the worst of the impact during falls and collisions, bubble football is a way to play sports without the risk of serious physical injury. In fact, people are encouraged to bump into each other during the game so that they can fully enjoy themselves. This may take some getting used to at first, but you will find that it’s wonderful to run around without fearing that you may take a nasty tumble – you may even come to look forward to rolling around in your bubble!

Great Fun for the Whole Gang

Another good thing about bubble football is that it’s a great equalizer. People who don’t habitually play sports will find themselves emboldened by the protective bubble, while those who are football veterans will have to adjust to the unique challenges presented by running around in a large plastic ball. You’ll all be able to laugh at one another’s antics as you play. This makes bubble football for the UK a lot of fun the whole gang, whether it’s part of an office teambuilding activity, a family outing or a weekend with friends.

Shedding Pounds with a Home Elliptical

Many people try so hard to lose weight with different gym equipment, not knowing that they can put off the bulge with just an elliptical and even do it at home.

Elliptical trainers are gym favorites. Not only are they perfect for cardio training, but they’re also the very definition of multi-purpose.

Still, the elliptical often is the most misused gym equipment. According to fitness experts, if maximized, ellipticals can be the best buddy for those who aspire for a fit body.

How can you maximize the best home elliptical? Well, you could try these three basic yet effective moves that guarantee weight loss:

MOVE 1: Forward

Moving in a forward motion forces your legs and thigh muscles to move just like they do in a typical running exercise. While your lower body is trained, your upper body also gets toned by the hand grip’s motions. The stronger you hold the handlebars, the more muscle in your upper body is worked out.

Tip#1: Pushing and pulling the handle bars will work your chest and upper back.

MOVE 2: Backward

Going backwards works your glutes. The backward motion forces your calves and the back of your legs to tighten. As you build your muscles in that area, you also remove stubborn fats, especially when you speed up your strides.

Tip#2: Pushing your feet backwards effectively tightens your glutes, this in turn lifts your butt and prepares you ahead for summer!

MOVE 3: No Hands

You may do the two moves without holding the handlebars. This forces your core muscle to work hard in maintaining your balance as you use your home elliptical. According to fitness enthusiasts, this move is best for tightening the tummy area. Also, as you glide your feet in the pedals, your lower abs gets a thorough workout.

Tip#3: Try doing these steps with gradually increasing speed so that aside from engaging your muscles, you develop your cardio too.

The Secret: Turn up the Resistance

Eventually, you might feel like your exercise has become useless and the workout you’ve been doing has turned effortless. The secret to avoiding such a dilemma is to turn up the resistance of your home elliptical. The greater the resistance is, the better your full body workout will be.

Instead of using treadmills for cardio, opt for a full body workout through the elliptical. In exercises, remember that the perfect equation is simple – develop your muscles while reducing your fat stores. This makes you stronger as you work towards achieving the body you’ve always wanted.

With the help of a home elliptical, you can apply these easy steps to gain muscle and diminish the fats in your body. So, make the most out of this topnotch equipment. Take note though, that successful weight loss also requires proper dietary habits to be formed. Make sure you eat clean and healthy food to see the best results from your hard work in your very own home gym.