If you know what constitutes a regular bike, than you already know about 90% of the parts of any e-bike. The regular bikes and ebikes are really similar, with the only exception being the fact that the electric bike has additional parts, and all of them have to do with bringing the electricity to the bike. So, without any further ado, let’s see the parts of the e-bike that you ought to know a little something about.

The Motor

Of course, the most important part of any electric bike is the motor. In the early day of electric bikes, they have had motors and external batteries, and even though there still are some e-bikes that operate that way, a vast majority of them are different today. The motor is internal nowadays, and it is located in the hub of the bike wheel; usually the front wheel, but it is not uncommon to see it near the rear wheel. Some electric bikes even have the motor built upon the chainset. The most important thing to know is the fact that there is a motor; the location of it really a big deal. These motors come with a power that can be anywhere between 200 and 700 watts; it all depends on the fact if you want an electric bike that is more or less powerful. The more powerful ones can cover greater distances without recharging, but can be really heavy. The loss powerful ones are the opposite.

The Battery

Something has to power that motor, of course, and that is why we have the batteries. These batteries are frequently being compared to those of laptops, and are used to power up all things electric in the e-bike. Most of these batteries are lithium-ion ones, while there are a lot of nickel metal hydride ones as well. When it comes to the location of the battery, it all depends on the model of the electric bike. Some bikes have it integrated in the bike frame, others have it hanging from the seat or down tubes, or even the seat post. If you wish to extend the distance you wish to cover with your electric bike, you can install additional batteries to it. When the battery runs out of power, you need to recharge it. This is done really simply; it is much like recharging your laptop or a mobile phone battery.

The Controller Unit

Most electric bikes have their own controller units, which allow you to adjust the propulsion from the motor, or even turn it off entirely. This allows you to choose if you’re going to ride this bike as an e-bike, or a regular bicycle by pedalling. Most of these units are located on the handlebars, for a much easier reachability, while other have it installed and activated by your feet or legs through the pedalling system. This basically means that you can use electric bikes whatever way you want, and if you run out of power in your battery, you can always pedal your way home.

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