Sports Diving Destinations That You Should Definitely Visit For 2016

What’s interesting about diving? It’s how life forms in different locations underground! This is why if you’re a diver you should stretch your horizon a little bit more and make it a goal to visit other places and explore. Since diving insurance accounts for travel, what’s stopping you from exploring more? Get yourself some diving insurance from Divemaster and let loose! Here are four magnificent places you shouldn’t miss.


If you’re after bio-diverse and unspoiled dive destinations then Palau is the place for you! The Palau’s unique chain of rocks, Jelly fish lake, WWII vessel and aircraft wrecks, to stunning coral gardens, lakes, drop-offs, blue holes, cavern, not to mention more than 1,500 fish species you can swim together, can assure you that you’re in for a great adventure.Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 16.28.11


This place is probably too cold for some but you’d be more than willing to endure it if you know what’s waiting for you there. You’d be able to experience diving with the killer whales, which you don’t get just anywhere. The German shipwrecks from WWII, rich kelp forest, and a wall dive that the Narvik offers is also irresistible. But the orcas that you can dive with by day and the enchanting colors of the northern lights by night when you go see the Lofoten islands seals the deal with this one.1389326327_large


Diver or not, who doesn’t dream of traveling to Maldives one day? The white sandy beaches, azure waters and breathtaking view are enough to lure tourists yearly. But for divers, exploring the swim-through, rock pinnacles, and overhangs patrolled by reef sharks and bejeweled with vibrant sponges and invertebrates will occupy your attention more.20120130_Women_Scuba_Diver_and_school_of_Fish_Maldives

Galapagos Islands

The penguins, marine iguanas, turtles, sea lions, whale sharks, dolphins, hammerheads, and rays that you get to dive with in this island is not only the reason why it’s one of the most sought after diving destination today. The Darwin Island and Cabo Marshall that can provide you with unmatchable water education and the fact that this is where Charles Darwin got his inspiration for his world-famous evolutionary research is why this is considered to be the ultimate diving experience that you can have.isabela-galapagos-dive-list